Important Announcements


COVID-19 Extended Service

During the uncertainty of the current Covid-19 transmission and testing availability, we are extending a service we have for our less mobile customers. If you are a person who is more susceptible, or if you care for someone more susceptible, you can call us at 612-722-4322, discuss your repair needs and we can bring your order to the parking lot.

Like everyone else, we are not able to get hand sanitizer nor N95 masks in the foreseeable future. I will change this post as soon as my back orders come in but the suppliers cannot give us a firm time line, especially with such a high worldwide demand and other higher priority consumers – hospitals, nursing homes and our military service members.

Thank you for support!


Carolyn and the Nokomis Hardware Crew

P.S. THANK YOU for your continued patronage! THANK YOU for wearing your masks! and THANK YOU for working with us on physical distancing! It is a work in progress since there is so much fluctuation in customer count so I really appreciate everyone’s patience and participation in making it work.

Local businesses have been hit extremely hard by the COVID-19 crisis, including many of your favorites in Nokomis East. If you’ve been asking yourself how you can help, we’ve got a great solution – and you get an awesome t-shirt out of it!

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